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App Development

Finance(Stocks and Crypto)

API and SoftwareDevelopment

Need a Stock/Crypto trading bot, a webscraper or even a simple email form.

We can build that for you.

Electric Vehicles

We will be releasing code, 3D print designs and tutorials for helping with the advancement of EV conversions in the DIY community.

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Too many people are building the same things to compete in a saturdated market. We are building apps and services that others are overlooking.

All ideas are heard

We love working on different types of projects! Have an idea?
Send it our way!

No expensive pay walls

One of the worst things about downloading software or apps is the limitation until you pay a crazy amount of money for a subscriptions.
Our goal is to keep price low.


We like to keep our apps and sites UI simple, so people of all ages can use easy.

Our Team

Nicolas K.

Developer - (Atlanta, GA)

Konstantin D.

Social Media Marketing - (Atlanta, GA)